25 Years in the sport
Piotr Walasek "PAF"

Piotr Walasek (PAF)

First jump in 1997. First WS jump 2001. S/L and AFF instructor. Squirrel Wingsuit FFC/Advance coach. Multi-time champion of Poland as camera flyer in the 4-way team category. Professionally a marine senior supervisor on the oil exploration rigs.

"Combining responsibility for overall safety in offshore activities and skydive teaching makes it easy to work with people both ways. Also, it is a great combination for assessing and mitigating risk, developing skills, explaining and promoting a safe culture in both environments communities."


  • Polish and World AWF Record (Airplane Wingsuit Formation)
  • BALTIC WINGSUIT MEET 2020/2021/2022/2023
  • FLARE WORKSHOP’S (canopy piloting course)

Supported by: Aerodyne, LB Altimeters, Squirrel, Cookie


Christian Bush (Bushi)

Christian does skydive since 2010 and wingsuit flying for the last 8 years. German licensed skydiving, wingsuit instructor, and tandem pilot. More than 1200 wingsuit flights. Specialized in acro, big static, and dynamic flocks. Member of wingsuit acro team TAKEOFF Fehrbellin.

Besides drop zone life Christian is a full-time soldier working as a heavy machinery instructor. This makes him a person with a very solid and systematic approach to people. He is always smiling and open to sharing knowledge.

On top he is a world traveler, getting to know people and cultures special when they are into the sport same as he is.

Supported by: Intrudair



Pär Säfström is a Swedish skydiver/base jumper who in his 8 years in the sport and accomplish more than 4500 skydives and 3000 of them in a wingsuit.

He is a highly motivated and skilled wingsuit pilot who loves the action and energy of dynamic flying. His experience comes from all over the world travelling to different DZ's, wingsuit events and the Swedish indoor wingsuit tunnel.

The work schedule in the Norwegian offshore industry gives him the time to skydive/base jump but also a high focus on safety.

When he flies then nothing can stop him.


Kuba Mijakowski

Jakub Mijakowski is proven WSpoint events load organiser where execution of formation is number one priority. Jakub at the same time is field wingsuit DIY handyman.
Also if you looking to fix wingsuit or redesign your skysnatch then Kuba is right man for it.

He flys, he analize, that he flies again to get more details to his very deep analize.

20 years in the sport. 12+ years in wingsuit. 10+ BASE years.

So if you like to talk, learn, fix, practice with super stable base... he is here...


Daniel Culbertson

Daniel Culbertson is American/Norwegian AFF/Tandem instructor and laso wingsuit coach well known as head organiser famous MINE IS BIGGER THAN YOURS BOOGIE in Algarve Portugal.

Daniel is also with us as LO since first edition  BWM 2020.

Professionally is a proudly serving as firefighter.