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Course details

This course will prepare you for your first wingsuit flight.

Covered subjects: Theory 3-4h, wingsuit aerodynamics, design, techniques.

Ground training: body positions, pull techniques, flight procedures, reactions for emergencies.

Our FFC is a little bit longer than others because we don’t want you to start a wingsuit adventure without solid background to fly. We believe that this will help you to really feel what we are feeling.

Course includes: SQRL Wingsuit rental, Video, Debrief, Tips for progress, Logbook entry.

Requirements: Main Canopy with WL 1,3 or less (ideal 7 cell square)
Price: Contact Us
Duration: 3-5 jumps
Ratio: 1:1


Course details

​Once you will have some wingsuit jumps and you start looking for more challenging and fun flights we will help you to realize them.

Course subjects to cover on request: Speed, body position, multi-tight formations, performance, dynamic flying, flaring.

Course includes: Theory, Ground Training, Video, Debrief, Guidance to progress.

Requirements: 20+ Wingsuit skydives
Price: Contact Us
Duration: 1 day
Ratio: 2:1