Are you ready to buy your own wingsuit? So you’re in the right place to do it.… We can help with that! We are focusing on the wingsuit stuff and we are the multiband dealer. We know differences, specialties, and futures. We are not afraid to use this knowledge to make you a happy sky soarer.

Wingsuit is not an everyday bread, is not also standard parachuting equipment, and obviously is costly, but if you decide to go this direction you will never look back.

If you decide to purchase a suit through us, we will offer you a 15% discount on your rental for each rental period until your suit arrives!
If you have any questions, please let us know!


As you probably know having peace of mind during a flight is required a good and reliable canopy.

If you are sick and tired of line twists or cutaways you are in right place. Everybody has their own preferences, Each manufacturer has at least one model designed especially for wingsiting. Take advantage of our tests and just simply ask. We can advise and sell the best WS canopies on the market.

Because of our heavily loaded experience in canopy piloting, we know that small differences make big impacts. We are happy to share with you to make our sport safer.

If you decide to purchase a parachute through us, we will offer you free-of-cost RIG assembling and the 50% discount on the Flare Workshop - canopy piloting course.
If you have any questions, please let us know!


We build main and reserve parachutes and parachute-container systems for sport and military markets. Take advantage of ordering a full set of equipment from a single manufacturer all designed to work together. Our individual components (main, reserve or container) are also compatible with the gear you already have.

We work hard to deliver quality products across our range, from tandems and students, to novice jumpers and weekend warriors, to top competitors and human-flight experts across disciplines. We pride ourselves on our customer support – before, during and after purchase. We also value our staff and dealers who, together with us, deliver great experiences to our customers.


LB Altimeters is known the world over for producing the most accurate and highest quality electronic altimeters for skydivers. LB Altimeters is a leader in the sport with our broad range of audible and visual altimeters. Visit all of our product pages to learn more about the best skydiving instruments available to skydivers or go straight to our online webstore to purchase accessories for your LB products.

All that you need for being super WINGSUIT CYBER GOD. Flysight2 GPS logger will make you NERD of wingsuit performance.Must have STUFF for our performance workshops and dynamic flying classes.If you have any questions, please let us know!

Included in the box with FlySight 2:

  • FlySight 2
  • FlySight 2 mount
  • USB A to USB C cable
  • Mounting hardware (both VHB tape and screws are included)
  • FlySight bottle opener for releasing FlySight 2 from the mount