KAMIKAZE - Divine Wind



Attention all Wingsuit AWF Kamikaze pilots: Your esteemed service is once again required for duties of utmost importance.

As we embark on our mission, we call upon your unwavering courage, commitment, and sacrifice. Your valor and dedication are essential as we face the challenges ahead with resolve and determination.

Report promptly to your designated stations, ready to fulfill your duty with honor and bravery. Together, we shall forge ahead, united in purpose, to achieve our objectives.

May your spirit guide you as you answer this call to serve.

There is no forgiveness!

Wingsuit Kamikaze AWF Camp

19-23 AUG 2024

  • Boot Camp Plan
    • Build various 9 slots formations
    • 5 jumps a day (minimum)
    • AWF (When sqad ready to atack)
    • Evening - sake celebration (campfire)
    • Kamikaze always takes by surprise!

  • Machine's:
    • Technoavia SM92 Finist "ZERO"

"Pilots with exceptional flying skills..."

Recruitment - Identification of Candidates:


We are calling for "14" candidates!

  1. Individuals who demonstrate unwavering loyalty and a strong sense of AWF duty.
  2. Wingsuit Pilots with exceptional flying skills and physical fitness.
  3. Wingsuit Pilots with skill of clear communication of mission objectives and expectations.

By following this recruitment plan, we can ensure that Kamikaze pilots are selected, trained, and supported in their vital role in defending our mission with honor and courage.

"with skill of clear communication of mission objectives and expectations."

Kamikaze Pilots & Aircraft - History

"... I am going because I was ordered to."


    • PL Strefa Baltic
      ul. Lotnicza 8
      82-300 Elbląg
      GPS: 54°08'33"N 19°24'48"E

Near by Airport:

    • Gdansk GDA - 50 minutes to DZ
    • Warsaw WMI - 2,5 hours to DZ
    • Warsaw WAW - 3,5 hours to DZ

Sleeping HQ - DZ Bungalows

Hotels near by: